open ridden

• The ring:
- The ring must be at least 40m x 20m and may be bigger, depending on the number of participants in the class.
- The ring can be on grass or sand.
The pony:
- The pony must be 4 years old or over.
- The pony may be shod.
- Mares with foals at foot are not accepted .
- Stallions are not accepted for children under the age of 10 years old.
- The saddle and bridle should be well fitting, clean and safe.
- No restrictions on bits, apart from Gag or Elevator bits which are not authorised.
- Side reins and blinkers are not authorised.
- Martingales are authorised, but may lead to a deduction of points.
- Whips may be a maximum of 75cm. Any abusive use of the whip will be sanctioned severely.
- Spurs are not authorised.
• The rider:
- The rider should have a good level in pony riding.
- A parental authorisation form should be completed for all minors and transmitted to the OC.
- There is no age limit for the rider, but his size and weight should be in accordance with his mounts size.
- A good fitting riding hat must be worn.
- A body protector is strongly recommended.
- The rider’s attire should be appropriate, clean and elegant.
• The course:
- Any ponies or couples deemed dangerous, will be asked to leave the ring by the jury.
- Fall: if a rider falls, he must leave the ring on foot and is eliminated.


Class proceedings:

• The participants will enter the ring in walk, one behind the other (please respect the distance between ponies. You may overtake without being penalised).
• When asked to do so by the judge, all the participants will trot around the ring.
• When asked to do so by the judge, the participants will go into working canter.
• When asked to do so by the judge, the participants will go back into trot and change the rein on the diagonal.
• The participants will go back into working canter around the ring.
• When asked to do so by the judge, the participants will go back into trot, then walk.
• The participants will then line up along one side of the ring facing the judge.
• Each participant will halt in front of the judge.
• When asked to do so by the judge, he will complete his individual show (figure of 8) comprising walk, trot and canter, a change of rein, trot and canter, with some extended canter. Halt and salute and return to his place in the lineup.
• The judge may ask a rider to unsaddle his pony (a groom may assist) and present his pony in hand before him.
• After everyone has done their individual show, the judge will ask the participants to walk around the ring one behind another.
• The judge may ask the participants to individually canter around half of the ring.
• The judge will line up the participants in order of ranking along the center line.
• Rosettes and prizes will be given.
• The participants will do a lap of honour and leave the ring in working trot or canter.

Marks given:

  • Execution of movements/10

  • Technique/10

  • Behaviour of rider and pony/10

  • Pony’s behaviour towards other ponies/10

  • Overall impression/harmony between rider and pony/10

  • Conformation, type/30

  • Paces/gaits/20


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