long rEINS

• The ring:

  • The ring must be 40m x 20 m.

  • The ring can be on grass or sand.

  • Dressage letters will be placed around the ring, (see example) the letter X represents the center of the arena.

• The pony or ponies:

  • must be 4 years old or over.

  • may be shod.

  • Mares with foal at foot are not accepted.

  • Stallions are not authorised for drivers less than 10 years old.

• Equipment:

  • The harness and the equipment should be clean, safe and in good condition.

  • The whip should be appropriate. All abusive use of the whip will be sanctioned severely.

  • Gag bits and other side reins are not authorised.

• The driver:

  • A riding hat must be worn by all participants under the age of 18 and strongly advised for all others. A parental authorisation form must be completed for all minors.

  • The driver must wear gloves.

  • Driver’s attire should be appropriate, clean and elegant.

• The course:

  • Galloping is not allowed.

  • Any ponies behaving dangerously will be asked to leave the ring by the judge.

Class proceedings:

  • The participant will enter the ring in walk on the right hand rein.

  • When the judge asks he will go into trot, then change the rein continuing to trot on the left hand rein.

  • The judge will ask the participant to go back into walk and halt in front of him.

  • The driver will salute, then complete the following exercise imposed:

  • o   MBX - Enter in trot

  • o   X - Halt and salute (immobility 5 seconds)

  • o   XEKA – Trot

  • o   AA - Circle 18/20metres in diameter in trot

  • o   AF – Trot

  • o   FXH - Trot with some extended trot on the diagonal line.

  • o   HCM – Trot

  • o   MBF – Walk

  • o   FA – Trot

  • o   AA - Circle 18/20meters in diameter in trot.

  • o   AK – Trot

  • o   KXM - Trot with some extended trot on the diagonal line

  • o   MCH – Trot

  • o   HEK – Walk

  • o   KAFBX – Trot

  • o   X - Halt, Salute (immobility 5 seconds)

  • The participant should leave the ring at walk.

Marks given:


  • Execution of movements and respect of figures/15

  • Technique/15

  • Behaviour of driver and pony/05

  • Attire of driver/cleanliness of equipment/05

  • Overall impression/harmony between driver and pony/10

  • Conformation, type/30

  • Paces/gaits/20



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