• The ring:

- The ring should be be fenced and big enough to allow good free movement in canter.
- The ring can be on grass or sand.
- The jumps must be numbered and clearly marked with directional flags (white is on your left and red is on your right).
- The Start and Finish line must be clearly marked.
- The warm up area should have one or two jumps.


  • The pony:

- The pony must be 4 years old or over.
- The pony may be shod.
- Mares with foals at foot are not accepted .
- Stallions are not accepted for children under the age of 10 years old.

  • Equipment:

- The saddle and bridle should be well fitting, clean and safe.
- No restrictions on bits, apart from Gag or Elevator bits which are not authorised.
- Side reins and blinkers are not authorised.
- Whips may be a maximum of 75cm. Any abusive use of the whip will be sanctioned severely.
- Spurs are not authorised.


  • The rider:

- The rider should have a good level in pony riding.
- A parental authorisation form should be completed for all minors and transmitted to the OC.
- There is no age limit for the rider, but his size and weight should be in accordance with his mounts size.
- A good fitting riding hat must be worn.
- A body protector is strongly recommended.
- The rider’s attire should be appropriate, clean and elegant.

  • The course:

- Any ponies or couples deemed dangerous, will be asked to leave the ring by the jury.
- Fall: if a rider falls, he must leave the ring on foot and is eliminated.
- Refusal: it is considered a refusal if you stop in front of the jump and take one or a few steps backwards, or if the pony runs-out to the side of the jump.
- A stop followed immediately by a jump where no feet move backwards or sideways is not considered to be a refusal.
- Circle: if the pony cuts across his tracks and does a circle before the jump it is counted as a refusal. After a stop, a pony may do a circle to have another attempt at the jump without penalties.
- Course mistake: If the rider does a huge detour due to a mistake or has forgotten his course. The judge will assess this and mark accordingly.


Class proceedings:

• The rider should present himself to the judge, giving his name and that of his pony and salute. When asked to do so, he should proceed straight past the judge in walk, then trot and canter, changing the rein and repeating on the other rein. The judge will then tell him to start his jumping course.
• Two possible courses :

  • Mini jumping course: 7 jumps, with the jumps being between 40cm and 50cm high, there will be at least one change of rein, a double and an oxer.

  • Maxi jumping course: 7 jumps, with the jumps being between 50cm and 60cm high, there will be at least one change of rein, a double, water-jump and an oxer.

• The judge may ask the rider to unsaddle his pony (a groom may assist) and present his pony in hand before him.



Marks given:


  • Jumping course/40
     Deductions for :
    - bar falls or jump knocked over: minus 4 points
    - 1 refusal: - 4 points
    - 2 refusals: - 8 points
    - 3 refusals: elimination
    Marks for style/10
    Conformation, type/30



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